We’re Back!

Well, it’s been a crazy few years. We took a break even before the pandemic shut everything down, due to burnout and personal life stuff. During that time, technology marched on; Apple continued to introduce new language features, new frameworks, and new features.

I personally changed jobs twice, and now still work from home even though much of the world has gone back to the office, working for a west coast company. That makes keeping in touch with all my old friends and colleagues in the Apple developer world even more difficult.

So, for our first meetup in 2023, we’re just going to spend some time getting to know one another again. What have you been up to for the past 3 years? What have you worked on? What cool stuff is grabbing your interest these days? I’ll be sharing that information about myself, and I hope someone finds it useful. I never failed to learn something at every meetup in the “before times”; I have faith that will continue.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!